Thursday, November 29, 2012

Navy Wife

People keep saying "Navy Wife" isn't a title. To be honest, it really isn't. It is a promise. You promise no matter where the Navy takes him, or no matter how many times he signs a contract, that you will stand behind him. That you will go where ever the Navy takes us. Some people take "Navy Wife" as an excuse not to get a job, or to sit around at home feeling bad, cause your Sailor is gone. You can't do that to him, you need to be strong. It maybe hard to find the strength to get up in the morning, but if you find something to occupy your time, it will go faster. I didn't learn that till I moved to Washington. When I moved here I had so many things I had to do, and I didn't have the time to ponder on the fact that he was gone. It honestly, made me feel better knowing that I was doing good, and that it took a lot of stress off of him. I am proud to be his wife, and nothing will change that.

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